Another wood creation that I made this summer was a birdhouse. Well kind of a bird house, I was just winging it. Haha!! Do you see what I did there? I had planned on making a step stool with a nicer quality wood and it was all measured out and I had cut every piece... Continue Reading →

My boyfriend is working in Northern Wisconsin on the border of Minnesota so in the Superior/Duluth area. He left the last week of June for a two month job and there is currently no end in sight. I went to visit him in early November and we found a state park that was gorge-ous!!! Gorge

I like to visit bigger cities like Chicago, New York, or San Fransisco. I am not sure I could relocate to one though. I have never been a big crowd type of person, I am much better in a small group. I have also never lived in a city bigger than 15,000 people so I... Continue Reading →

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