Calendar - My Next Three Months

My Next Three Months

The Starting Point I think I have finally hit a wall and decided I am sick of feeling sick and unhappy with my body. I am at the heaviest I’ve ever been. By looking at me you might think I’m crazy for thinking I’m overweight. I don’t necessarily think I’m overweight, I am just the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m very uncomfortable. None of … Continue reading My Next Three Months

img 1828 - Pallet to Wishing Well | Vol. 2

Pallet to Wishing Well | Vol. 2

If you remember months ago, I posted about creating a wishing well from pallets called Pallets to Wishing Wellfound here if want to see the original post. Well, it’s been some time later and I have finally finished it! The picture on the left is where I left off when I said it was finished last year and the picture on the right is the … Continue reading Pallet to Wishing Well | Vol. 2