A Panacea to help my sickly tomato leaves

I am not a gardener. I have never had my own garden or grown anything except maybe some flowers but I typically kill them because I forget to water them.

So this year my boyfriend and I decided to plant a garden, because he loves gardening and knows a thing or two about it. We planted many different seeds in February in our basement and grew them with a heat lamp. We planted multiple kinds of tomatoes, beans, and peppers. It was very fun to watch them grow and they were doing great!

When spring arrived we planted everything in the garden in our back yard. Everything looked perfect, we had rows upon rows of planted crops and couldn’t wait to watch them grow and eat what we had grown!

Right after we planted this massive garden, about the 3rd week of June, my boyfriend had to leave for a travel work job where he was to be gone for 2-4 months. All summer and pretty much all of gardening season, so now I am now left to tend to the garden.

I was planning on learning a few things about gardening from him, but instead I had to venture at it alone. I did not do extremely well. The watering seemed to slip my mind, maybe it was an out of sight out of mind kind of a situation?  I think since I was not a huge gardener it wasn’t the first (or third even) thing on my mind!

Panacea DP

My tomato plants were not healthy looking, they still produced some decent tomatoes but once I started seeing this disease on the leaves I kinda gave up on them. I searched for a panacea but everything I found wasn’t going to help them this year. Hopefully next year will be a better year for our poor diseased tomato plants.

This might sound harsh but I was quite excited to hear that other people were having the same problem this year with their gardens. Made me feel a little better because maybe it wasn’t something that I did or didn’t do?!

The only thing that did well in the garden were the beans! None of the peppers made it, the broccoli didn’t make it, the brussel sprouts didn’t make it,  the zucchini didn’t make it and my melon was going strong but then shriveled up. I 100% blame all of these vegetables not making it on me not watering it enough.

Live and learn. I plan on doing some research this winter and hopefully next year will be a much better gardening year for me!

If anyone has any advice for me, I will gladly take it!!




  1. We had the the worst year ever for our veggie garden. Out tomatoes did the same. If it is disease just get rid of all the yellow leaves or it will continue to spread. Put them in a bag, Don’t leave them around or compost them. Out heirloom tomatoes seem to do that more often, many people will not grow them anymore for that reason. You could always have a separate garden just for them.

    1. Thanks! Ya I think next year we are going to get new soil. I guess it was bad last year too but that was his first year in this house so he didn’t really know what to expect. I might do a separate tomato garden too!

    1. Too much water? Hmmm, that could have been part of it 🙂 So weird how it differs every year! Better luck next year!!!

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