Amber|Orange-Yellow Fall Colors

Here is my submission for Citysonnet’s September photo a day challenge| Amber, orange-yellow.

Amber, orange-yellow colors of fall are on their way. It is the beginning of my favorite time of the year. I love all the 4 seasons of where I live. Most people have summer as their number one favorite season but that is not me.


My list of favorites goes as follows : 1-Fall, 2-Winter, 3-Spring and 4-Summer. I know, I know everyone loves fall right? The smells, the colors, the cool air temperatures, it’s all just so magical! After the oh so beautiful season of fall, comes winter!!!!

When I tell people how much I love winter they always scrunch their noses at me. Last year we decided to buy downhill ski equipment at the end of the winter season so it seems like it is taking forever for winter to arrive again. Winter is a very long season here in Wisconsin so by the time March is here I am ready for it to start getting warmer.

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