1. Rebel Girl told me you are not receiving notifications. I was very tired early this week but started taking part in your challenge Wednesday. I want a buy in for the 3 days i missed . 🙂

    1. Correct, I’m still not getting notifications. Its so weird to me. When I go to your posts and I click on the link and it goes to my page. I just looked and saw all the ones you posted! I love them! I’m so glad you joined me! I haven’t been giving my blog as much attention in these last couple weeks but I’m going to try to be around more! Thanks again for joining and I’m gonna look into why I’m not getting notifications. 😃 Feel free to post for the 3 days you missed 😏

      1. Thank you . We have been very busy as well and finding it hard to keep up . The winter is our busiest time of the year, and life dictates .

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