Body Boss Update #1 | Pre Training Week #3

Pre Training Week #3

Welcome to the first update! I actually got the Body Boss book I was waiting for earlier than I expected so I started on Monday June 25th. Which puts me at the end of the third pre training week workout!

This method workout plan includes a month of pre training workouts to ease you into the actual three month workout plan. I have just finished week three of the pre training workout part. Since I haven’t started the actual workout I cannot really say but after doing what I’ve been doing for the last three weeks, I can say I am happy that I started how I did.

The only difference between the pre training workout and the actual workout is the amount of reps you have to do. The pre training workout is only two reps as the actual workout is three reps. I am pretty sweaty and tired after the two so I can only imagine how it will go in a week when the first week starts!

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The Waiting Game

Nothing too crazy to report back yet. They say you will see results in 2 weeks so I have a little bit to go yet (assuming they aren’t including the pre training workout). That being said, I will be doing an update on how things are going once a month.

Stick around to see how I transform my body. It will take a lot of work but I am hoping to feel more comfortable and live a healthier lifestyle!

Stay tuned!!



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