Body Boss Update #2

I started off doing great!

I went about 6 weeks before I stopped. I know it takes some time before you start to see results but I kept seeing the facebook ads for Body Boss and the people saying they saw results in two weeks and I was not seeing any results.

I did the pre-workout for 3 weeks and decided I wanted to just jump right into the full program. It was going well for another 3 weeks in the full program and I decided to take a week off. We were doing some major front yard landscape renovation and it was a lot of work. I am not trying to make excuses, well maybe I am.

My boyfriend Andrew, had started to join me working out, although he never did do a Monday routine which is the hardest of the three major days. He was digging holes in the 85-90 degree weather and he said that was his work out for the day so I get it. So because of the landscape work it didn’t last very long,

I never made it to the one month mark which is why I didn’t do another update like I said I would.

woman pushed from the floor

Seeing this picture makes me want to keep going. I want to be able to say I can do a push up. It sounds silly but they are really hard. Can you do a push up? If so, how many? I think I can maybe do 5?! That is not a lot. My goal is to be able to do the 25 push ups without stopping to take a break. I think that is a good goal!!

Since starting my blog I have noticed that I am not very good at following though with things. I never would have thought that about myself before but now that I know this is a weakness of mine, I am going to try to be better and actually finish what I start.

The other day I bought Andrew a new Under Armor shirt from Kohl’s. I didn’t think anything of it, he had just started working out with me and I knew none of his current workout clothes fit him. He put it on and called me saying he needed to start working out again. It shocked me because I have been asking him if we could do this together for quite a while now and the few times we did workout together I enjoyed it a lot.

Years ago he had done P90x and it completely changed his body. I didn’t know him then but he showed me pictures and wow does that program work. At the time he was working away from home and all he did was go to work and workout.

We need to learn to make time and commit to doing this every day. Time is our issue because I work 10 hour days at a job 45 minutes away from home, so that doesn’t give me much time for extra activities and make dinner. He works 10 hours too but he is much closer. He does more physical labor type jobs though and is tired when he gets home so his routine is to have a snack and then take a nap. We tend to eat dinner around 8:30-9 and we go to bed shortly after, that isn’t the healthiest choice.

It is a complete lifestyle change and I really need to do this for myself. I was going to do the P90x with him but since our schedules are off by a few hours we think it would be better if he did his work out when he got home, and then started on dinner. I get home around 6 so I would do my workout then while he gets dinner ready. It might need a little tweaking but we will figure it out!!

We start on Monday! So stay tuned for an update in a few weeks!



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