Are you that person always looking for a loophole? Why? Why can't you just be a person that abides by the law? Everyone else has to. There is a reason there are laws and I am seeing that people mostly don't care about them. I rarely watch the news. On Monday nights I watch The... Continue Reading →

One of my new hobbies is woodworking. I am reading lots of books on how to master the skill of woodworking and it is very entertaining. I hope to make many nice things with this new skill and plan to share my journey along the way! Please stay tuned!! Are you a woodworker? If not,... Continue Reading →

Does this evoke any memories for you? It sure does for me!! Cancun, Mexico I can hear the waves calling my name! Evoke

Is it crazy to you that the earth has been carved like this? These formations have all been created from the elements of that climate. Pretty spectacular if you ask me!! I hope to see more wonders like this around the county and maybe one day other places around the world. Carve

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