Winter Wind

Snowy windy hills


Snowy windy hills

My December Daily post today is winter wind.

I think this painting beautifully represents the winter wind. I love all the different shades of blues, whites and blacks used throughout the painting.

It has been very cold here in Wisconsin this last week. If we had a little more snow I would say it looks like the painting, cold.

With the year coming to an end, will you be doing anything extravagant to celebrate the new year?

Whatever you plan to do I hope you are with great friends and family and please be safe!




img 1057 - Presents?

img 1057 - Presents?

My December daily post today is presents.

The aftermath of the month long anticipation of gift opening! Until next year Santa!

It’s all about the presents and I hate that. People are too greedy, if only we could figure out a way to become less dependent on material items! It’s a shame.

I must confess, I have many of these material items! I still think the world would be a better place if people tried caring about someone other than them self. All I hear is coming out of peoples mouths is me, me, me. Turn it into… let me help YOU, is there something YOU need, or what can I do to make things easier for YOU? Maybe one day…




Mousy DD - Mousy

Mousy DD.jpg

My December Daily post today is Mousy.

Christmas was good to Carlos, Carlos Santana (our cat) this year! He had the best day playing with all his new toys! The one he liked the best was of course the cheapest one we bought, a piece of cardboard attached to a piece of wire…..cats.

This is one of the long toys that is supposed to be like them hunting, it has that crinkly sound when you touch it and pretty furry as you can see! A bit creepy with the tongue sticking out like that but whatever works for cat to play with toys and not scratch up the furniture!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope it was filled with love!