Gilled Cheese w/ Bacon

Grilled Cheese w Bacon - Gilled Cheese w/ Bacon

If you saw yesterday’s post, I mentioned putting mayonnaise on my grilled cheese and tuna melts. Here is my proof. Also is proof of being lazy and not wanting to cook dinner. It sure was delicious though!

I have eaten my grilled cheese like this for as long as I can remember. When people see me eating this they look at me like I am eating something toxic. IT IS JUST MAYONNAISE people, also stop judging people for being different. That is all!! Rant for the day!

Grilled Cheese w: Bacon.jpg


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Tuna Melt

Tuna Melt - Tuna Melt

Warning : I burn almost everything I cook on a flat top weather it’s a grilled cheese or a tuna melt. Strikes me as kind of odd though because I am a habitual flipper. I flip my food way too much as if I don’t want it to burn, but then I burn it anyway.

To fix this, I scrape off the burnt area with a knife (very easy to do) and then I put a thin spread of mayonnaise on top. My absolute favorite way to eat grilled cheese or tuna melt!! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!! I am not even a huge fan of mayonnaise but I love this!! Enjoy!

Tuna Melt.jpg

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Meatloaf - Meatloaf

I was frantically trying to make dinner and there was hamburger meat that we needed to eat up so I decided to make meatloaf. We had some venison bacon in the fridge too so that is what is on top but here is my finished product.

Do you put milk in your meatloaf?

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