Born to be Wild

Get your Motor Running - Born to be Wild

We took out the motor so it is currently inchoate and we are trying to figure out what needs to be rebuilt on it!

Do you know where I was going with the title?

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Flashback to what I did on my blog when I first started!!

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“Good Directions”

Compass DP - "Good Directions"

Its hard for me to remember what we did before we had Google Maps on our phones. I’m not really great at navigating new areas, but I still have paper maps in my car for Wisconsin and Illinois just in case something should happen to my phone. I can bet you there are many, many people that don’t know how to read them though.

I am that person that if you tell me to head North, and I am not on a major road or highway, I will have no clue which way I need to go. I don’t know why I haven’t learned this much needed skill, but it’s probably because there is always something or someone telling you where to go on an electronic device.

I guess I should start carrying a compass on me or at the least in my car!!

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“Good Directions”

| Song by Billy Currington 2005 |