Born to be Wild

Get your Motor Running - Born to be Wild

We took out the motor so it is currently inchoate and we are trying to figure out what needs to be rebuilt on it!

Do you know where I was going with the title?

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| The Shop | Day 97 of 365

Flashback to what I did on my blog when I first started!!

| Song by Steppenwolf 1968 |


The Vette

Front 1 - The Vette

If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on?

Would you:

Travel and explore?

Buy a big mansion and a new car?

Buy an old car and fix it up?

Quit your job?

I think I would explore. I am itching to go places and take pictures. I am going to Florida  next week and could not be more excited! I know, not super cool to explore but it’s nothing like this April winter in Wisconsin…



| The Shop | Day 93 of 365


Week 14 | The Shop

Tool Wall - Week 14 | The Shop

This week I will be taking photos of the shop/garage. We are rebuilding a 1972 Corvette and I am taking pictures of everything being done! She will be a radiant beauty when we are finished!

If you’ve seen other things I’ve posted, I enjoy building things and getting my hands dirty! I hope you enjoy this week in the shop!

If you would like to join in and show me pictures of your shop or garage, please visit here for directions on how to join my weekly/daily photo challenge!

Tool Wall.jpg

Have a great week everyone!!


| The Shop | Day 92 of 365