Rude Awakening

DSC 3395 - Rude Awakening

This is where I was just 4 days ago. Now I am in the beautiful Wisconsin April Winter and am expecting another dumping of snow tomorrow while I’m at work! Quite the rude awakening!!!

Also my poor tulips that started coming up are crushed with heavy wet snow. I hope they survive this late winter!!



| Black and White | Day 107 of 365


Week 16 | Black and White

img 1590 - Week 16 | Black and White

Happy Monday Everyone!! Monday’s mean it’s a new weekly theme. This week I have chosen to do Black and White as the theme!

If you would like to join my weekly/daily photo challenge please tag your photo back to this post. If you would like instructions please visit the instruction page here. I can’t wait to see your black and white photos! Have a great week!!


With rain brings awakening and rain makes Spring happen! It’s too bad this rain turned into a crazy April blizzard. Snow is still water though so lets all hope it melts soon so we can start planting, growing and capturing photographs of the beautiful Spring flowers!!


| Black and White | Day 106 of 365