Week 16 | Black and White

img 1590 - Week 16 | Black and White

Happy Monday Everyone!! Monday’s mean it’s a new weekly theme. This week I have chosen to do Black and White as the theme!

If you would like to join my weekly/daily photo challenge please tag your photo back to this post. If you would like instructions please visit the instruction page here. I can’t wait to see your black and white photos! Have a great week!!


With rain brings awakening and rain makes Spring happen! It’s too bad this rain turned into a crazy April blizzard. Snow is still water though so lets all hope it melts soon so we can start planting, growing and capturing photographs of the beautiful Spring flowers!!


| Black and White | Day 106 of 365


Week 15 | Vacation Week

img 1485 - Week 15 | Vacation Week

Its a new week for my photo challenge. The topic for this week is vacation because I am in Florida visiting my parents until Saturday!!!! I know, be jealous! This morning I woke up to snow on my car so I was happy to be leaving!

One of my biggest pet peeves is being late, so I always plan for enough time to get where I need to go. This morning was no different, mapquest said it would take 40 min but I gave myself an hour. I also might add that I typically don’t drive on the expressway in the early moring rush hour traffic so I didn’t give myself as much extra time as I thought I needed.

I did make it to the airport just in time to catch my flight to this beautiful warm state of Florida!! I will be posting pictures from my trip this week I hope you enjoy!!

img 1485 - Week 15 | Vacation Week

If you would like to share your vacation pictures please do! I would love to see them! To see how to tag back to my post please go here to see the instructions!!

Have a great week!!


| Vacation | Day 99 of 365


Week 14 | The Shop

Tool Wall - Week 14 | The Shop

This week I will be taking photos of the shop/garage. We are rebuilding a 1972 Corvette and I am taking pictures of everything being done! She will be a radiant beauty when we are finished!

If you’ve seen other things I’ve posted, I enjoy building things and getting my hands dirty! I hope you enjoy this week in the shop!

If you would like to join in and show me pictures of your shop or garage, please visit here for directions on how to join my weekly/daily photo challenge!

Tool Wall.jpg

Have a great week everyone!!


| The Shop | Day 92 of 365


Week 12 | Dried Flower

Flower - Week 12 | Dried Flower

I am learning how to use the macro lens and yesterday I walked through my yard trying to capture some after winter dead plants and newly growing spring flowers! Please check out my daily posts of what I found!!

If you have any macro shots you would like to share, please do! I would love to see them and get other ideas on what to shoot!!

If you would like the instructions on how to join my daily challenge please go here!!


I’d rather be …. taking photos of live colorful flowers but this is what we have right now, still beautiful!!

I’d Rather Be…

| Macro | Day 78 of 365


Week 11 | Fruit

Strawberries - Week 11 | Fruit


This week I chose Fruit for the topic. I am trying to eat healthier and I currently have lots of fruit in the house! Last week we had a star fruit… too bad I didn’t do this topic last week!!


If you would like to join me in my weekly/daily challenge please click here for the instructions! I would love to see what kinds of fruit you have in your refrigerator!


| Fruit | Day 71 of 365


Week 10 | The Sky

Sunrise 3 5 18 - Week 10 | The Sky

This week I am going to do Sky pictures. This was this morning, I couldn’t stop looking at the sky while I was getting ready and I took a quick couple of minutes to take a few pictures!! I love my sunrise view!!!

It is pretty typical of me to take sky pictures but… do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, that’s what they say right??

I would love it if you joined me this week by sharing your favorite sky pictures. To find the instructions on how to tag your photos back to this post please visit here!! I look forward to seeing your amazing pictures!!

Sunrise 3-5-18.jpg

| Sky | Day 64 of 365