Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights DD

My December Daily post today is Christmas Lights.

I can’t remember the last time I used colored Christmas lights. I love them. They just say Christmas to me. I love driving around looking at all the different lights. Some people get a bit crazy and I wouldn’t want to pay their electric bill or put all their decorations away every year but they sure look cool!

I used to help my parents hanging the icicle lights outside on our house but its been years. I have lived in apartments for the last many years of my life so no decorations happened. I live in a house now but it is an A frame raised ranch and I am not brave enough to hang lights up that high. Plus we are almost completely covered by trees so not many people would see anyway.

When you see a house without lights do you think to yourself “They are kinda scroogy”?

Let me know what you think