Daily Planner

A New Year to Plan!

St Louis RiverI bought a daily planner months ago thinking if I bought it I would use it. I don’t have a whole lot to organize or keep to a schedule, any appointments I have go in my phone so I get reminders!

Looks like I got it when I started this blog so the end of September. I completely skipped October but did a few things in November. Started yoga, had an eye check up, got the cats nails cut at the vet, and some sort of a cleaning schedule, nothing that I still do.

December looks better because that’s when I decided to do Daily December photos, which you can find here. I had a daily theme and took mostly holiday themed photos, a great time of the year to take indoor photos with all the pretty lights. You can really do some cool stuff with Christmas lights!

The last 3 days of December I started a 30 day plank challenge. All good intentions, I believe I made it about 3 weeks, why I couldn’t do just one more week I can’t remember. I also don’t think I worked myself hard enough because I saw minimal results. I’m learning all these new things about myself, so that’s a positive result!

That was about the time my boyfriend came back from his 7 month work trip from up north and the time to myself was now gone. No more eating what I wanted for dinner, watching what I wanted on tv or staying up later than I should. Also no more yoga, planking or any sort of exercise, maybe that’s because I would FaceTime with my mom while we both were doing the plank challenge.

So tonight I grabbed my planner and decided to use it again to start writing down things that are happening to me and my body. We are trying to have a baby so I am taking a bunch of vitamins and herbs to see if they help. I got a new one in the mail today so I thought I would write down how it effected me if it did at all. There have been a few vitamins that haven’t been working so great for me so it is a trial and error for my body. Maybe that is everyone too and no one talks about it. I am an over sharer sometimes so if I start sharing too much just tell me and I’ll try to tone it down.

Anyway, Little did I know or think about the planner only goes to the end of June. Looks like I need to start a whole new one in 17 days. Maybe this next year I will be better at using my daily planner.

Thanks for listening as I ramble on about nothing.

Let me know what you think