Do it yourself books

Do it yourself books

To become Brilliant I would start with books. The more you read, the more you know!

These are old books: Home repair and Improvements has a copyright date from 1949; The Household Encyclopedia has a copyright date from 1946 and The Master Craftsman’s copyright date is from 1981.

Do you buy books anymore? Or do you just look up what you need to know on the internet?

I am a book buyer. I love going to old book stores to take a look into the past!

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  1. Oh yes, I buy books. I love all bookstores, used and new! and I love old books too. When I’m reading, I prefer to be holding a book in my hands and turning actual pages. I’m not a fan of e-readers.

    1. I also prefer actual books. I have tried reading from electronic devices but I stare at a computer long enough during the day so I’d rather have the book in my hand too!

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