Droll – Corny?

I think of myself as having a droll sense of humor. Is this picture too corny?

The first tv show that comes to mind when thinking of droll is The Office. I loved The Office from the first episode that I watched. I’ve had conversations with people and I’ve asked them if they have ever watched The Office and some say they just don’t get it.  That blows my mind, some of the one liners in that show are great!!

I really need to watch 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation too, I’ve heard they both have the same droll appeal to them!

Any other suggestions on shows that you like to watch that you think I might enjoy??

Droll DP.jpg


  1. Both the shows you haven’t seen are great, and I’d highly recommend 30 Rock. As for The Office? I loved it too. Steve Carrell is absolutely one of the funniest human beings on the planet. 😃

  2. I too adore the office, Parks & Rec is a great option too. I really like Master of None and Broad City (completely different but I love it). Broad City is more like Workaholics if you like that one?

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions, I have not watched either of those and the few episodes of Workaholics I have seen I liked 🙂

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