I got busted for stealing when I was 16. I was at a mall with my mom, grandma, and a friend. As I type this I am shaking my head for my young stupidity.

My mom and grandma went on their way so it was my friend and I on a mission to find the things we wanted to take. I can’t remember if we had planned it before we got to the mall or if we decide to do it when we got there.

We started with the smaller stores in the mall. First we went to bath and body works, I think I took some make up brushes (did they have them there at one time?), then we went to the music shop where I picked up some new drum sticks, for the drummer that I was not.

Next was the big store. Kohls. It wasn’t attached to the mall but it was right next door. We went in and started at the jewelry area, where we both took a couple watches. Next was the clothing. We grabbed the items we wanted and went into the dressing room to try them on. With our brilliance at 16, we decided to just put them on under the clothes we were wearing and no one would be able to tell.

I don’t remember if we actually bought anything but I’m gonna go with no. I do remember walking out of the store with all the things we had taken thinking we were such rebels and not believing we actually pulled it off and left the store with all this stuff.

Not but 50 feet out the door, two security guards come out after us asking us to come back into the store. They knew. They must have been watching us for a while. Clearly we weren’t as sneaky as we thought.

We were taken to the back security room where they had all the cameras set up and we could see how they caught us. They started going though our stuff to get back all the things we had stolen. They were going through my purse, which was a bigger black Sak purse with a long strap. I don’t think I will ever forget when the one guy asked “Who’s the drummer?” I had 2 drumsticks sticking out of my purse. It just seems silly for two 16 year old girls shoplifting clothes, watches, makeup brushes and …. drum sticks?? What item doesn’t really belong? They had no clue, I had those drumsticks in my desk at home for years!!!

Percussive DP

They eventually took us to the local police station where we sat in the cold little room with a wool blanket (not making this up) for what felt like hours. They couldn’t get a hold of my mom so it took longer than expected. We were supposed to meet them at Boston Store by the purses at a certain time. Well we didn’t show up as we were otherwise detained.

We finally got a hold of my mom and they came to pick us up. My friend and I got tickets and community service for our punishment. I actually did all my community service hours where she kept cheating on hers, adding hours she really didn’t serve. Grrrrr.

Good times. The things you do as a teenager… what crazy things did you do? Please share if you want, I’d love to hear!


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