Choose water every time and you know you won’t be dubious about your decision!!

I’ve been looking at the things we are putting in our body when we eat and drink! It’s amazing to me how things are disguised to make them look healthy!

What do you eat to stay healthy? I’m always looking for different things to try!

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  1. I don’t know what to trust as healthy anymore. We just have as much protein, fruit, and veggies as we can, limit sweets, limit carbs. We grow a garden every year and do some canning. We raise beef. At least we know those are not modified or covered in pesticides. It’s tough though. I don’t trust labels or the FDA. 😃

    1. Sounds about right! My garden didn’t go well this year! Next year is gonna be great though 😃 I trust nothing anymore either! It’s sad!

      1. It really is sad. I don’t know what the answer is, but we try to produce as much as we can for ourselves. Cutting out fast food is a good one too. Not easy when you have kids, but that stuff is not good. 😃

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