Fluff, Here it comes ready or not

I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life and I absolutely love winter and snow! Everyone, and I mean everyone complains about snow. These people think the winter season is pretty much out to get everyone who hates cold, snow, and dark days. Also, the chances are really high that these people have lived in Wisconsin their entire lives and its like news to them that is going to snow again this year.

I love it, I mean, look at it…doesn’t it look so fluffy?  I can’t wait!

If you live in a snowy state do you love it or hate it?

Fluff DP

I also just noticed that we left the tiki torches out last winter. Oops 🙂



    1. I agree! I do like having a fire and watching it snow while I’m inside cozy on the couch. As long as you bundle up and prepare for the cold it’s not that bad 😏

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