Gingerly – Segways

Have you ever been on a Segway tour? If you haven’t, I highly recommend trying it. I am looking forward to my next Segway tour, I am still trying to decide what city it will be in!

Here we are in Washington D.C on a stop in front of the White House. The tour was of what is called the National Mall, which is of all the monuments and goes down the famous Pennsylvania Ave. This picture was taken about halfway through the tour and if you look closely the person in the orange shirt is not going completely hands free. This is because when we were all practicing before we left, she wiped out big time, you can see the bandage on her right knee. It scared her quite a bit so the rest of the tour she was being very gingerly and I am surprised we made it through the tour 🙂

Gingerly DP

We were in Washington D.C. for a weekend wedding in August. It was such a short visit that we didn’t get to see much of anything else but this tour. I would go back again to go see the museums that we didn’t get to roll past on the Segways!!


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