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What are you expecting to inherit? Do people really expect to inherit things? I couldn’t even imagine that.

A few years ago, 2011 to be exact, my mom got a phone call saying her dad had a heart attack and had passed away. It was two days before his 83rd birthday and 5 days before Christmas. He was married to my grandma for 53 years. When he died she didn’t know what to do with herself, she had taken care of him for so long and now she was lost.

Being that this happened so close to Christmas, grandma didn’t want anything to be different than our usual Christmas rituals. We went to church Christmas Eve, came home and had our snacks for Christmas dinner, opened presents and enjoyed each others company, slightly different from years before.

After Christmas was over, the funeral arrangements began. It was a few days after Christmas and everyone was there still from the holidays. My grandpa was as pastor and so is his brother, who uncannily looks and sounds just like him. At the funeral my grandpas brother was up at the alter giving his eulogy of his brother, and I don’t know if it was the resemblance that hit her the most or what it was but my grandma slowly sank into the pew and we knew something was wrong. She was having a heart attack.

They said the heart attack was something called broken heart syndrome. She was treated at the hospital and then released back home but with far less strength than before. She tried to live on her own, with one son minutes away, but that didn’t last long. She then was sent to a hospice hospital where she lived out the rest of her days. It was six months after her husband died that she whispered “She was ready to go”. She died shortly after.

When the time came to go through all their belongings it was quite an ordeal because they had 8 children. You would think being adults would help this sad task that had to be done but nope they acted like children. My mom was fighting for my grandmas wedding band for me but my aunt knew I wanted and tried to get it so it would stay in the family…. ummm I am family. I know she was your mother but she was my grandma and I am the oldest granddaughter, you don’t think I deserve to have anything in remembrance of my grandma? I was hurt.

I never once thought of what I would inherit from them being gone. I did end up inheriting my grandmas wedding band and I wear it everyday! We miss you both!


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