Are you that person always looking for a loophole? Why?

Why can’t you just be a person that abides by the law? Everyone else has to. There is a reason there are laws and I am seeing that people mostly don’t care about them.

I rarely watch the news. On Monday nights I watch The Bachelor on ABC so once the show is over that channel usually just stays on. Last night we finally got some snow, so after my show I decided to plow the driveway. When I came back inside the news was on. I still have a very hard time watching it, mostly for the following story that I heard. A teacher was putting something in a child’s backpack to take home and noticed it was heavier than normal, come to find out there was a loaded gun in the backpack. Are you kidding me? They then pan into talking to a different mother on the street and she said maybe she needed to sit down and have a talk with her four year old about gun safety. WHAT??? Mind blown.

Parker feels the same way I do about this….

This is happening in the towns around me? I am completely oblivious to this I guess. Why would a person put a loaded gun into a child’s backpack, ever? I cannot wrap my head around this.

There is definitely a loophole in the system of people being able to have children. I understand that anyone can have a child (I don’t agree with it) and that might be a bit extreme but come on this is getting out of hand. How does this even happen?

If this is what is on the news, I’d rather not watch. This was only one story, there were shootings and people running over people with their car also. Sorry for the rant.


Let me know what you think