My Next Three Months

The Starting Point

I think I have finally hit a wall and decided I am sick of feeling sick and unhappy with my body. I am at the heaviest I’ve ever been. By looking at me you might think I’m crazy for thinking I’m overweight. I don’t necessarily think I’m overweight, I am just the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m very uncomfortable. None of my clothes fit, which makes me dread day to day activities. I know everyone says this at some point in their lives and that’s where I’m at right now.

I have recently started eating healthier. Partly for some stomach issues, partly for trying to control bloating and partly because it’s just good for you to eat healthy! The stomach issues have been narrowed down to two problems, liquid dairy and drinking coffee (mainly on an empty stomach but I have completely taken it out). The bloating has not subsided meaning….it probably isn’t bloating.

My Goal

My goal for the next three to four months is to feel better in my body again. I can’t remember when the last time I felt good was, or when I didn’t have to think about what I was eating. Those days are long gone. I have an app that looks through all of my photos and social media and tells me what I was doing years back. I just had one from four years ago, my body was beach ready, which was good because I had just moved to Florida.

I just booked the plane tickets for our family reunion in October. Next thing to work on is my body because this reunion is on an Island in Florida, North Captiva Island. I hope starting a three month exercise program now will bring me right where I need to be for this swimsuit vacation!


Which brings me to My Next Three Months

I have tried exercising on my own but it has never gotten me anywhere, I think it’s because I need full direction. Some of the things I have done in the past are walking videos, yoga videos, and HIIT workout videos all based off of YouTube channels. I try them once or twice and see no results and then give up. I have come to realize it takes a lot more then a few times of working out to see progress.

Last year on July 4th I ordered a YogaBody Trapeze thinking I would start to do a fun type of yoga. It was pretty new to the yoga world at the time because I couldn’t find many yoga video workouts for it, which in turn lost my interest. I tried to look up different stretches and routines on Pinterest but it just didn’t stick.

Fast forward to one year later and I am trying something new. This time I found something called Body Boss. I have seen advertisements on Facebook and other social media platforms but never really looked into it. I have been looking for a three month fitness routine, whether it is a yoga workout, a walking workout, or a HIIT workout. Body Boss happens to be a HIIT workout method.

As with anything new, I am pretty excited about this new routine I am about to start. Not only is it a planned out workout week by week but it also includes a three month diet/healthy eating plan also. Which is what they claim to be the best way to practice health and fitness!

My book should be here mid week next week, which means July 2 looks like the first day of my next three month journey! I will be updating at the end of each month to talk about how it’s going! I hope you stick around to see the progress and maybe if you think it’s worth it, you would like to try it one day too!

Stay tuned!





  1. I get it. I totally get it. You know I had piece of chocolate cake for lunch the other day? I have no will power when it comes to those delicious snacks that clients drop off as a ‘thank you’. But I think the major culprit is my lack of exercise. So I may not be trying out some new work out routine but I am definitely going to try to be more active. Starting today. Even if it’s raining.

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