Two different kinds of neighbors….which do you prefer?


Neighbors DP



I could not imagine living in a building like this. So many neighbors.




Parents house DP


I am used to country living, here is the house I grew up in. We still had neighbors but we didn’t see them on a daily basis except maybe waving if someone was coming or going.



Huge difference in lifestyles. Both are ways of life, just depends how you grew up and what type of living you like to do.

I don’t know if it just because it is what I know or am used to but I prefer the country living. I don’t need to hear neighbors all hours of the day in the building. Im also not a city lover in general with all the traffic, the noise, and the craziness. I like to have my yard, my space, my peace and quite, my stars at night, and everything else that goes with country living!


Let me know what you think