I typically do not Black Friday shop as people are just too CRAZY. This year I am going to brave the crowds just to get one item. We currently have the Nest thermostat system in our home and because we have different heating zones we need multiple thermostats.

We have been watching this item all year and it never goes on sale. Low and behold there is a sale on them for Black Friday! Which means I will be out there with all the crazies! Wish me luck!!

Do you go shopping on Black Friday? Any deals I should know about that you know?? Please do share!!

Nest DP.jpg

When its not holiday time I try not to go shopping on weekends. One time I went to Target on a Saturday and the entire time I was there I was asking myself why, why, why?? There are people everywhere. I don’t even live in a very populated area and it is hard for me. I couldn’t imagine living in a big city like New York. OMG!

I have a pretty good work schedule where I have a day off during the week at least once a week, so that is when I would go to avoid these situations! Lucky for me!

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  1. Nope, I do not do Black Friday, even when our boys were little and we needed that one hot kids item. The best thing to ever happen to shopping is the internet. Click, click, click and, Boom, done. Don’t even have to get dressed. It’s perfect. 😃😃

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