Profuse Moon

I have never take a photo of the moon like this before. Last year I bought a lens off of Amazon just for the heck of it. I am so happy I did. Now I am learning about other equipment that is needed, back to Amazon I go so I can take even better photos!!

I am currently obsessed with the moon which means I have a profuse amount of photos of the moon. I won’t be sharing too many on here as I imagine others are also, but I thought I would at least share once!

The photo on the left was from a couple nights ago, the first time I tried taking a shot of the moon and the photo on the right was from tonight. It is pretty cold out tonight so I was numb when I came back in. I am looking forward to summer moon shots, I think I will learn and practice a lot more than I am now.

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    1. Not at all!! The lens I used is a Vivitar Series 1
      f=500mm 1:8 and I had the 2x converter on the lens as well.

      1. Thank you for sharing Jessica! I got curious when I saw your amazing shot and I’m looking for a higher specs of lens for our camera. Don’t know what to buy. Thanks again!

  1. Great shots of the moon! I’m jealous…I always try to take a picture of the moon, but rarely succeed. I know it’s my equipment, so do tell…what did you buy that works?

    1. It is definitely about the equipment you have! The lens I used is a Vivitar Series 1, f=500mm 1:8 and I had the 2x converter on the lens as well. I got mine from Amazon and it looks like it is about $120 right now from Big Mikes. Thanks!! I look forward to seeing a great shot of the moon from you one day šŸ™‚

  2. These pictures are awesome. I take pictures of the moon, but the camera I am using cannot capture any discoloration. When I can afford a camera with more features, I hope my pictures are half as clear as yours.

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