Relocate to the City?

I like to visit bigger cities like Chicago, New York, or San Fransisco. I am not sure I could relocate to one though.

I have never been a big crowd type of person, I am much better in a small group. I have also never lived in a city bigger than 15,000 people so I can’t knock it until I try it. It might be different if I was younger and wanted to experience living in the city where you can get food past 9 o’clock on a week night, where every turn you take there are hundreds of people walking with you or away from you, or where you don’t need to have your own car to get you where you need to go!

I do like to visit though and I like to see the difference between mine and other peoples lives . Last year was a big wedding travel year for my family. We had three different destinations to go to: The first one was New York City in June, the second one was Northern Wisconsin in July, and the last one was Washington D.C. in August.  I had never been to the two big cities before and it was such a different atmosphere between all three places!

Relocate DP

I think a big part of not living in the city is having space. I like the big yard, not seeing in the neighbors windows and being able to sit outside in the summer and listen to the sounds of nature and look up at the stars!

What do you prefer? County living or city living?



  1. I was raised in a city, lived a couple bigger cities, and visited more cities than I can recall. I love city hustle and bustle. However, we’ve lived rurally for 17 years, and it’s fanflippintastic. Neighbors? Nope. I’ll never live in a city again. I’m spoiled now. That said, I still crave the hustle and bustle, and still work in the city and travel to numerous cities, and always will love that vibe. But I’ll never live in city again, so long as I have a say in the matter. 😃

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