Seven Months Negative

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The Struggle is Real

This week marks month seven of trying to make a baby with no luck. The studies show the chances are higher in the six to twelve month range of people trying to get pregnant so I hope I am can contribute to those statistics.

Parker James, my cousins baby after her own struggle with conceiving. He is my hope!!

I am trying to stay positive about it and not drive myself crazy googling stuff every ten seconds, that was what I did the first 6 months of trying. Don’t get me wrong I still do google things but not quite as much and not for the same type of things.

Here are the things I am doing to try to help conceive…

Have you heard of the Ava Bracelet? It is a bracelet to help you find out when you are ovulating, increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. I bought this bracelet in January of 2018 and have been using it ever since. I read reviews and see Instagram posts about how celebrities are using it and easily getting pregnant within a few months. I’m not going to lie it bums me out because it has been 7 months of wearing the same exact bracelet and to no avail…. still not pregnant.

The next thing was to start taking prenatal pills. I did some research on all the different pills out there and found one that looked like a good fit for me. There were stories I read about that made me nervous because I have stomach issues as it is and these stories sounded horrible and I didn’t want that to happen to me too. The ones I chose and took for a couple of months were Garden of Life: Organic Prenataluntil I found out that Meijer has a free prenatal pill prescription. Score. A few months later I had a doctor appointment where I talked about trying to have a baby and getting the prescription for the free prenatal pills.

In my research about all things fertility I found this fertility tea that has herbal ingredients in it to strengthen the uterine wall and balance your hormones. I was looking on Amazon and tried one from a company called Pink Stork the tea is Fertility Tea. After that month of tea was gone I started drinking Chasteberry Tree Tea which has the ingredient of Vitex that is known for aiding in fertility. I have also added Red Raspberry Tea and Nettle Tea, drinking them daily.

I am also taking other pills that they say might help with conception. The list that keeps getting longer is CoQ10, Folate, DHA, Vitex, in addition to my normal daily pills which consist of a probiotic, calcium chews and daily vitamin chews.

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If you have researched anything about fertility you have to of seen something about pineapples. What I do is get a pineapple every month when I am ovulating. They say the core of a pineapple has bromelain in it which is known to help implantation. I have never liked pineapple much but it is starting to grow on me. I sure wish I lived in an area where there were fresh pineapple, Wisconsin isn’t quite that place! I cut the pineapple into 5 even slices and use one slice a day in a smoothie. It is delicious so I can’t complain about that and I can’t even tell the core is in there!

Another thing we are trying is a lubricant called PRE-SEED PERSONAL LUBRICANT 1.4 OZ (1TUBE + 9 APPLICATORS)ir?t=lifestyleonce 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00F303LQW - Seven Months Negative” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Pre-Seed a fertility friendly lubricant that is supposed to mimic your fertile fluids and to help the little swimmers get to where they need to be. Regular lubricants have chemicals in them that can hurt your swimmers.

Then there is the fertility diet. This one is tough for me as I see other people getting pregnant and eating McDonald’s every day…. but I guess everyone’s body is different right? Hard for me to grasp sometimes. Anyway, I have added things that I didn’t eat quite as much before such as more eggs for breakfast, avocado, greens, salmon, and green tea. I have been doing a lot of smoothies since this new phase in my life and I can’t say I am mad about it because they are very tasty treats. My new problem is I am drinking smoothies as a drink and not as a meal replacement….so weight has been a little issue too. But that is a whole different topic!

So I think that’s about all that I have been doing, seems like a lot when I type it all out. If anyone has any advise, wisdom or their story they would like to share please feel free, I am all ears!

Here’s to next month!



“I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”


    1. You’re right! We have not checked that yet. Thank you for the comment it reminds me I should have put a little more detail into a few other aspects of the situation!

  1. Wow! Good for you for really delving into healthy alternative ways to aid in conception. Man, I feel like I need to get my crap together after reading that! Haha, good for you. I think for anyone trying to conceive taking the steps to become healthier is really important. Good article!

  2. Good luck. You are trying a lot of things and my concern is that you might be subconsciously stressed which would hinder your chances. Please don’t worry about a little weight gain, it is likely to help you get pregnant – see if your BMI falls in the recommended frame for fertility. I was surprised to find I was underweight for fertility and tried to gain weight ready for when I had tried for a year so the NHS would help me but at 9 months I hit the BMI range and fell pregnant. I found the recommended weight range on what’s needed for IVF to be most successful. Good luck x

    1. Thank you! I think I am at the highest healthy BMI right now so I think I am okay there, thanks for the tip 🙂 I get what you mean about subconsciously stressed because I don’t feel like I am stressed out about this but I’m sure deep down I am. I am not adding anything else to the mix anymore so no more stress for me 🙂 Thanks again for the help!

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