Silent Properties

Silent DP.jpg

Do you ever wonder what happens to old buildings? Say a business goes under and no one ever buys that building, it just sits there to rot away?

I wonder if there is some sort of business that looks into selling old houses that just sit after someone dies? I see abandoned houses all over the place and it is very intriguing to me. Today I saw a complete farm that hasn’t been used in probably 10 years, there was a  farmhouse, a barn, and a couple other buildings and it was just off of the highway.

Does anyone else think about this when they see silent properties?



  1. Yes, and there’s a show on that on HGTV. People want unique properties to bring back to life at a good price. I once purchased a vacant lot on a 5 star campground with private properties being 80% ownership. Put a 36′ trailer on it and enjoyed my vacation spot for seven years before I sold it. The owner purchased it for $14,000 and never did anything with it. Sold it for $3,700, the balance on the loan (like 12 years later). It was a great buy and experience. So there’s always a chance someone wants out, and you get a good price if you’d only inquire and negotiate.

  2. I always wonder what happened. Why the next generation of occupant never came. It’s kinda sad, to see a place that was a “home”. Kids raised, growing old together, love, laughter, tears, memories. Then all the sudden, it’s just cast aside. One extreme to the other. One of the reasons I love our old, drafty, wonky-floored house. We’re continuing to give life to it. 😊

Let me know what you think