Stained Glass Feather

I have way too many hobbies. I enjoy creating things which could include stained glass, crocheting, woodworking, sewing, and photography just to name a few. I am very lucky that I have been able to invest and afford the things needed to enjoy these hobbies! (Although the woodworking tools I can’t say I bought but my boyfriend has them for when we make our new kitchen cabinets.)

Well, this week I chose to do a stained glass piece. I haven’t created something in stained glass in a few years now, since I moved out of my old apartment. I learned how to do this in high school, many years ago, and really enjoyed it.

So I thought maybe I would tell you vaguely how I created this beautiful feather stained glass piece!

First you start off with a pattern.


Next, you pick out the glass you are going to use and cut it to the pattern sizes.

This is one area I need to work on. When I trace the pattern on the glass with a sharpie, it isn’t as exact as I need it to be. Maybe I should get a small tip sharpie and that would help. My next project I hope to do this step much better now that I learned one thing that will help!

2-Cut Glass

Then you have to copper foil all your pieces of glass.


Once all your pieces are copper foiled, you will want to fit them together and secure them so you can easily solder them together.

In this project I used these pins to keep the pieces sturdy so I could do my initial tacking of each piece, then removed the pins to easily move around and finish up the soldering.


When you are finished soldering, you can let it cool and then go wash your piece with warm water and soap so it isn’t sticky from the flux (I didn’t fully explain how to solder, sorry maybe next time).

Now you have your finished piece!!


I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial of how I made this stained glass feather!


Let me know what you think