Weaved Sleeve

DSC 3317 - Weaved Sleeve

I recently purchased some lens filters for my camera and this is the sleeve that they come in. I’ve never put much thought into the texture of everyday things. Pretty neat!!



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Rude Awakening

DSC 3395 - Rude Awakening

This is where I was just 4 days ago. Now I am in the beautiful Wisconsin April Winter and am expecting another dumping of snow tomorrow while I’m at work! Quite the rude awakening!!!

Also my poor tulips that started coming up are crushed with heavy wet snow. I hope they survive this late winter!!



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Week 15 | Vacation Week

img 1485 - Week 15 | Vacation Week

Its a new week for my photo challenge. The topic for this week is vacation because I am in Florida visiting my parents until Saturday!!!! I know, be jealous! This morning I woke up to snow on my car so I was happy to be leaving!

One of my biggest pet peeves is being late, so I always plan for enough time to get where I need to go. This morning was no different, mapquest said it would take 40 min but I gave myself an hour. I also might add that I typically don’t drive on the expressway in the early moring rush hour traffic so I didn’t give myself as much extra time as I thought I needed.

I did make it to the airport just in time to catch my flight to this beautiful warm state of Florida!! I will be posting pictures from my trip this week I hope you enjoy!!

img 1485 - Week 15 | Vacation Week

If you would like to share your vacation pictures please do! I would love to see them! To see how to tag back to my post please go here to see the instructions!!

Have a great week!!


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