Family Tree

Family Tree - Family Tree

Cross-Stitched Family Tree

I came home from the grocery store the other day and as I was putting away the groceries in our storage room I saw it. The Cross-stitched Family Tree my grandma made years ago. She made it years ago, I’m talking probably 20 years ago. It has her parents, her husbands parents, then her, her husband and their 8 children. It shows everyones birthdays, some death dates and in the middle, the year they were married.

Last year my parents moved from the house they lived in for 20 years. You don’t realize how much stuff you accumulate in 20 years until you have to pack it all up. My mom was going through everything asking me daily if I wanted her old junk, most of it was from the basement and hadn’t been touched in 3-5 years. No thanks, I have enough junk of my own that I don’t use.

One of the things she still wanted but needed to finish is the cross-stitched family tree that her mom made. She had gotten it after her parents both died within 6 months of each other. The only thing missing was a frame so she thought she would frame it one day.

That is where I come in. I took it so I could frame it for her. It’s been a year since they moved and since I said I would finish it. Today was the day and it is now finished!

I am going to go see my parents in a couple of weeks and I thought I would bring it and surprise my mom with it. I don’t know if she will hang it anywhere but I hope she does. I still remember where it was hanging at Grandma’s house.


Family Tree


Do you have any memories like this that you would surprise your parents or family with? I’d love to hear about what you would do or if you have already done something like this, what you have done!


Pallet to Wishing Well | Vol. 2

img 1828 - Pallet to Wishing Well | Vol. 2

If you remember months ago, I posted about creating a wishing well from pallets called Pallets to Wishing Wellfound here if want to see the original post. Well, it’s been some time later and I have finally finished it!

Transformation 5 WPimg_1828

The picture on the left is where I left off when I said it was finished last year and the picture on the right is the now finished product! A little weathered now as it made it through our snowy winter. I added the cover so you can’t see the yard utility ornament and also the rod to hang the flower pot from! I think it was a nice addition!

I plan to continue doing projects regularly this summer, and sharing them with all of you!


Look Up

Trees Looking Up - Look Up

Muir Woods National Park

When I think of a forest this is what I think of. I wish there was a forest like this closer to me! Such beauty!

For more photos from my trip to Muir Woods National Forest please visit here!

I hope you enjoy!


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