Varnished Birdhouse

Another wood creation that I made this summer was a birdhouse. Well kind of a bird house, I was just winging it. Haha!! Do you see what I did there?

I had planned on making a step stool with a nicer quality wood and it was all measured out and I had cut every piece to exactly what I needed.

That same week my boyfriend had been putting in a basketball hoop in our driveway and the friend that was helping grabbed a piece of wood from the garage, which happened to be my step stool project, to use for the concrete foundation for the basketball hoop. Mind you, there were piles of scrap wood everywhere in the garage but this is what he chose to use.

Needless to say I did not make the step stool. Instead I used the precut odd sized pieces and designed this birdhouse. I am still learning so there are a few spots where the lines don’t match up because I forgot to double check before glueing and nailing but all in all I think it is a pretty neat birdhouse!

All it needs is a nice coat of paint and a thick layer of varnish to make it shine!

Varnish DP


“Rockin’ Robin”

| Song by The Jackson 5 1976 |


      1. I had to google “stain wood”… 🙂 I’d prolly go with blue or red or yellow, so it stands out among trees, but whatever you decide it would be beautiful cuz you’ve made it by your own hands ♥

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