1. Good guess!! Its a small paint brush. I do see how it looks like noodles too 🙂 I forgot to focus the last picture but I thought it looked cool!

    1. Yes! It’s a paint brush! Thanks 🙂 I am using a macro lens, and playing and learning about extension tubes too!

      1. Awesome! I just got some macro extension tubes recently, I’ll have to play around with them some more!

      2. I tried them the other day and I thought they didn’t work. But then I stumbled across a YouTube video where they were using them and tried again and they worked!!! Cool stuff!!!

  1. Based on photo 1 it may be spaghetti, but 2 makes it quite clear that it must be something like a make-up brush. Although it is blue it is a bit of a bling blue to be a shaving brush.

    1. Good guesses! It is a small paint brush. The blue bling is actually just shiny metal but being that close makes it look all sparkly and blingy 🙂

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