Wheeling in Indiana

My First Time

I have only been trail riding one time before. It was when my husband and I first started dating. We met up with two of his friends that I had never met before but they had the UTV’s that we were riding in. It was only trail riding but they were CRAZY drivers. It pretty much made me think that all people drove and rode like that, which is in fact a lie. They were just crazy.

The last week of March we decided to start our camping season early! We went to a place in Attica, Indiana called Badlands Off Road Park. We parked our camper in the campsite next door to the park. We have one ATV of our own and had to borrow one from a friend so we both could ride together.

The off road park was a lot different than that first trip also as this was more hills and forest areas to climb up. There were sand dune areas, forest areas, mud bog areas, and a few others too. Something for everyone. It was very entertaining that’s for sure. I was in complete control this time, which I really liked. We enjoyed the climbing of this off road park we had a really good time!

A New Toy

IMG 3218 - Wheeling in Indiana

Since that trip my husband has been obsessed with finding a UTV side by side for us to buy. Within a few weeks he found one and has already purchased it. He is pumped about finding trails near us, but the only issue is they aren’t open yet.

We have plans to go up north to Eagle River, Wisconsin the end of April. He is excited to bring the new UTV with and do some trail riding. Unfortunately, the last few weeks of March Eagle River got nailed with tons of snow. I am guessing it won’t be all melted by then, even if it is the trails aren’t open yet.

We are ready to go explore Wisconsin and hopefully some other really cool places with our new toy. If you know of anywhere we should check out, please feel free to let me know. I love hearing from others about their experiences!!

Until next time….

IMG 3202 - Wheeling in Indiana
IMG 3201 - Wheeling in Indiana
DSC 6746 - Wheeling in Indiana

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